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14th March, 2017


We are on the Move

Great news, no more parking hassles, bus hub or restrictions on turning right. We have secured premises on the corner of Auburn Ave & Riccarton Rd, right next door to Van Dams Café. There is oodles of parking at the rear of the shops and entry is at the back as well. We will have more room for our classroom and fabric displays. We open the doors at the new property on the 1st of May, can’t wait to see you all there. We will be extending our hours in the new shop; Monday – Friday will stay at 9am – 5pm, and opening on both Saturday and Sunday, from 10am – 4pm.

WonderFil Threads

Check out the new WonderFil Splendor threads and DecoBob pre-wound bobbins in store now. We have 210 colours available in the Splendor in 1000m reels at $10.50 each and packs of 12 DecoBobs starting from $18.50. Check out the WonderFil blurbs below.


WonderFil pre-wound bobbins are wound with our 80wt DecoBob™ thread in a reusable plastic bobbin, which means there is no glue or wax holding it together (which also makes for happy machines)! DecoBob™ makes for an ideal bobbin thread as using a finer weight thread will also minimize the bulk in whatever you are doing, however DecoBob™ also has the strength, versatility, and reliability you can count on.

Pre-wounds are a fantastic choice because they come wound uniformly meaning you will get more consistency in all your stitches, which is especially noticeable when doing embroidery. They also come wound with a higher density of thread than when you wind your own bobbins on a domestic machine.

*DecoBob™ Pre-wound Bobbins are available in Class 15 & L sizes.




This 40wt rayon thread has a luxuriously soft and silky finish that gives your projects a glorious sheen and drapability. Splendor™ is a versatile thread that can be used for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, and any kind of decorative stitching. It works well for embroidering on clothes, towels, or other items that frequently need to go into the washing machine because it’s colourfast, keeping your projects looking beautiful! The thread is also able to run up to 1000spm with domestic and long arm machines, so you can get your projects finished even quicker.


Classes Coming Up

We have our popular over-locking class with Kaye Amos running again on Monday 20th March from 1.30pm-4.30pm, cost is $30.00. There are still a couple of spots available.

Juliet is taking a one day paper piecing class on Saturday, 8th April. This is a 6 hour workshop, starting at 9.30am and finishing at 4pm. Juliet has chosen a lovely butterfly pattern in a 9” or 12” block. The cost for the day is $150.00, which includes pattern, class notes and morning & afternoon tea. Check out Juliet’s website and get inspired. Flick us an email at or ph. 03 3480170 to secure your place in either class.

Melbourne AQC

Linda, our terrific shop coordinator, is off to Aussie to up-skill, doing 2 classes with Gloria Loughman. I’m sure she’ll have a great time and can’t wait to see what new art quilts she’ll bring back.

Happy quilting to you all, take care

The Team from Art of Sewing